Chiara Grandi
Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition

Chiara Grandi

Chiara Grandi
the first italian Komyo Reiki Teacher

Hello, I'm Chiara from Brescia, a city in the north of Italy.
I approached Reiki because I was trying to free myself from any kind of physical and mental problems which, like most of the people do, I carried with me for years. Now, thanks to Reiki, I'm fine.

I started to learn this healing method because a friend of mine, whom was already at the second level of Reiki, spoke to me about it. After receiving a few treatments, I decided to look for a Reiki teacher, or Reiki master, so I could treat myself alone. So I received the Reiju (or attournments) from a Reiki teacher in Brescia that practiced the western style of Reiki. People were enthusiastic to receive my treatments, so I began a deeper research about that healing method, and I found out that there
Chiara Grandi

were two different tecniques: the American one and the traditional Japanese style.
So I decided to go to Japan to learn better the traditional way.
Over there I met Rev. Inamoto Hyakuten (student of miss Yamaguchi, that was a student of Chujiro Hayashi Usui' student the person who started to teach Reiki in the world).

For my luck, Rev. Inamoto accepted me among his students of Komyo Reiki Kai and he began to teach me everything I didn't know about traditional Japanese Reiki, he also let me know the culture and the religion in which Mikao Usui was living.


Back to Italy, I used his teaching of straight away Reiki to help at the beginning my family, then friends, and any time the results were fantastic (even on pain caused by arthritis, rheumatic pain, cystitis and various inflamations). Constantly in touch with Rev. Hyakuten, I went back to Japan to receive the last teachings and become a Reiki teacher.

Now my goal is to diffuse the knoledge of the traditional Japanese Reiki also in Italy, where the school Komyo Reiki Kai was unknown. Infact, in Japan Reiki is seen like a technique to keep in balance the body with the Universal Energy. The healing of the problems and the pains is only the result of the removing of the energetic blocks, that we created, the aim of Reiki is still to balance the energy.

Particular in a temple
Particoular in a Temple of
Kurama mountain
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