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Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition

Reiki philosophy

The principles of Reiki

The most simple way to explain the philosophy that is at the base of Reiki, is definitely to use the same words of its founder: Mikao Usui. Usui sensei left these words:

The five prinpiples with the Usui's signature

" The secret method to invite happiness, the miraculous medicine to cure all diseases : "

" Today only "

" Anger not "

" Worry not "

" With thankfulness "

" Work diligently"

" To others be kind "

Mikao Usui

One of the most important things in Reiki, for Reiki principles , is to live day by day (today only). This doesn't mean to renunce to your plans, simply it signifies that you must think of future without worry about it (do not be anxious).
The anxiety corrisponds to negative energy which is inside our body and poisons it. The risk is to miss the moment in which we are living, to miss the joy for the daily little pleasures, to miss the happiness.

We can't ignore the anger, or try to hide it. "Anger not" means that we must learn to ricognise and express our feeling of anger, trying to understand, forgive and let go away the cause of the anger. As we do for anxiety, if we do not let the anger leave our body, but at the opposite we push it inside us, it could cause bad illnesses.

Sculpture in Kobe - Japan
Kobe - Japan

The Reiki principles help us to free our body from energetic blocks, to let our "life" go on quietly.

To be grateful (to life) and diligent (to our own spirit), we have to live in the moral rectitude. Working is a way to help the single and community existence.
It must be do in the most correct and honest way, the result will be the reachment of the aim which we are trying to gain, anything it is.
Yielding to evil behaviour, is a symptom of moral inaptitude.

To respect other people and nature means having understood that any action we do, good or bad, has a reaction towards uourselves, while with prayer and with the gratefulness we concretize the recognizing of our limits and the appreciation for everything which helps the developing of our spirit.

We have to try to be happy in the simplicity of our daily life, because this is the real medicine to cure our body and spirit.


My Usui Reiki Ryoho is an original, there is nothing like this in the world.
So I would like to release this method to the public for everyone's benefit
and hope for everyone's happiness. My Reiki Ryoho is an original method based
on intuitive power in the universe. By this power, the body gets healthy and enhances
happiness of life and peaceful mind. Nowadays people need improvement and
reconstruction inside and outside of life, so the reason for releasing
my method to the pubblic is to help people with illness of mind and body.

Mikao Usui

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