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Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition

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The discovery of Komyo Reiki


When I began to practice Reiki, I couldn't imagine that this discipline would have changed my life.

Thanks to its simplicity and to its quickness, I could appreciate from the beginning its beneficient effects.

L'efficiency of this technique pushed me to go to Japan to research Reiki origins, and here I found a Teacher and a way to take: the Rev. Inamoto Hyakuten and his Komyo Reiki.

When I came back to Italy I could see how much Komyo Reiki was appreciate for its purity and its

Rev. Inamoto and Chiara Grandi - Kyoto - Japan

strenght, and I realized that it wasn't right to keep it only for myself.

I wanted to give to everyone the possibilità to receive this discipline in its original form, but above all I tryed to keep exactly the same message and the teaching that my Teacher, Rev. Inamoto, had given to me in Japan.



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