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Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition


What is Reiki?

" The real happiness is the good phisycal, mental, emotional and spiritual health."
Rev. Inamoto Hyakuten
(Founder of the method Komyo Reiki)

The vital energy is the warmness energy irradiated by our body. In India, this is called chiamata Prana, in China Ch'i and in Japan Ki.

When someone opens the energetic channels of the body, they could have the power to re-balance the Ki: they get connected to the Universal Energy, becoming themselves an element that drives It..

Reiki is the ability of connecting the vital energy of the body with the Universal Energy which it comes from.

Once you have learned it, you could just lay your hands on so that the Reiki Energy begin to flow and start to re-balance the vital energy of whom

Tiger on the entrance of the Kurama mountain
Entrance of the first Temple
Mountain Kurama - Kyoto Japan

receive it.

The first feeling will be warmness, then relaxation, and finallyrelief. Thanks to Reiki is possible overpass all the problems which come frome energy blocks.

Reiki is love, it doesn't have side effects.

Reiki is love for your own spirit and body.

Reiki is love for whom is around us, we act in a positive way on ourselves and others.

Reiki is love for nature, It unifies us with it.

Today is possible to know the most pure teaching, the closet to the original method by Mikao Usui thanks to Komyo Reiki Kai Italia, the Association that I found to garantee that the technique never changes and to let anyone to receive the same teaching which I received in Japan from Rev. Inamoto.

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