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Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition

Komyo Reiki tecnics

The treatments

Reiki it is a simple discipline to apply. You don't need particolar personal endowments, neither years of studies. Because the Energy flows automatically from our hands, you just need to learn the exact places where to lay them. Different techniques, symbols and positions are taught in the following levels.

In the first degree you learn the self-treatment to re-balance your own energy and the quick treatment for certain placet of the body, in the second degree symbols are taught to reinforce the power of your Reiki energy, and to learn also the techniques to guide the energy towards far places (distant

During a reiki meeting


In the third degree you learn other symbol and new techniques more specific for treating specific diseas (just have a look to the “guide to the healing method for the different parts of the body” in the manual that is realeased during the third degree) like: nervous, digestive, circulation, metabolic and blood diseases and heart problems.

Obvously, the more you go on through the degrees, the more you have to learn, but the main topic is that from the beginning degree you can have benefit


Finally, the last step is the one of fourth degree . You learn all the techniques to address the energy where you want, to let it open the channels and flow freely.

Anyway, in general to apply the method is very easy, the energy passes from your hand, so you need only to lean it so the Reiki can start its action.


During a reiki meeting

All the time you need to remember that “The farther from the ego, the better Reiki works”, which means that you are not the healer, but it is the Universal Energy that passes through you that gives benefit.


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