Chiara Grandi
Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition


The third degree Okuden


Type of level:
Spiritual level

Key words:
deeper teaching
spiritual development
peace and prosperity

The focus is on a spiritual aspect of Reiki Ryoho, i.e. one's spiritual transformation. It is to live by the teachings of Usui Sensei that is to say “Five Principles”.
It is the doorway to a new and deeper way of life.

The aim is to live a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous life.

This is the first spiritual level in your Reiki path. In the third degree you learn the last symbol, with it you can get in contact with the Universal Energy, so that the quality of your Reiki Energy will be stronger.

Sculture n Kurama mountain
Sculpture on Kurama mountain

It is a very particolar degree, which gives you emotions and feeling very difficult to explain. You can perceive Energy in a physical way, you can send it where you want and you reach a sensitivity that you have never tried before.

In the third degree you learn specific techniques of treatment (for example how to treat heart, circulation, stomach and pressure problems). You learn Reiki massage, too, a method based on strocking and pattering.

Between third and last (Shinpiden):

it is personal but traditionally it is 1 year later

The teaching of Okuden program:

Explanation of third degree
Teaching of the forth Shirushi
Traditional technique of Reiki treatments
Zenshin Kekko (Reiki massage)
Symbols meanings
Information of Reiki lineage
Explanation of different Reiki degrees
Information about practics of Reiki treatments
Teaching of Reiki treatments, Mikao Usui words
Interview to Usui Sensei
Guide to healing method
Basical treatment of different body parts

During the Okuden level, 2 Reiju will be give

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