Chiara Grandi
Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition


The first degree Shoden


Type of level:
practical level

Key words:
cure yourself
me first

The focus is on a therapeutic aspect of Reiki Ryoho. (personal effect)

The aim is to live a healthy and happy life.

Having Reiju (attunement) turns your consciousness to the vibrational frequency of Reiki and once you have it turned on, it is yours forever .

Detail of a temple
Detail of a temple

With the first level you open the energy channels and you bocome a channel from which the Universal Ki passes through.
You don't learn any symbols, but you learn the technique to re-balance and to heal the pain and illnesses caused by energetic blocks. You start the comprehension of Reiki philosophy and begin to learn how to feel the vital Energy.

Between first and second (Chuden):

at least 21 days of self-treatment practice

The teaching of Shoden program:

Komyo Reiki Kai purpose
What is Reiki
The rel story of Reiki
The true story of the founder: Mikao Usui
The five precepts of Reiki
The Komyo Reiki Kai motto
Lineage from Mikao Usui
Characteristic of Reiki
Reverential composition by the Emperor Meiji
Hand positions to balance the body energy
How to use Reiki
Shudan Reiki (Reiki Marathon)
Reiki Mawashi (Reiki circle)
Hands positions to cure physical diseases
How to rise your Reiki Energy
Hatsurei ho
The story of the 5 precepts
Anapanasati meditation

Durino the Shoden level, 4 Reiju will be given

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