Chiara Grandi
Komyo Reiki: Japanese tradition


The fourth degree Shinpiden


Type of level:
Spiritual level

Key words:
inner peace
Full responsibility for Karma (deeds)
Sharing the Way -
Peace and prosperity.

The focus is on a spiritual aspect, i.e. the realization of “Anshin Ritsumei” or enlightenment.

The aim is to live a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous life

It is the right moment to share with others what you have learned. With the fourth degree you learn to initiate other people into Reiki. From now you will be a Reiki teacher, and you will try to understand and make yours the philosophy of the research of psycho physical happyness of Reiki through the five precepts.

Sculpture in osaka - japan
Sculpture in Osaka
- Japan -

The teaching of Shinpiden program:

General checking and analyse of the last questions
How to give Komyo Reiki Reiju
Mudras explanation
Memorial of the merits of Usui Sensei
Differences between traditional Japanese Reiki and western Reiki


" Any kind of Reiki you have, american or traditional Japanese, if it works for you, you can make it yours and use it."

Rev. Inamoto Hyakuten


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